Carlos Dinares: Coaching ROWING on the erg with no shoes

Why do I make my rowers always row on the erg with no shoes?

This is the reason:
Feet have feeling, toes have a feel and you feel the boat though your toes. And the more distance there is between the toe and the boat the less feeling there is. That’s why if you wear socks directly onto the surface where you are applying the power [footstretcher] you are going to apply the power better.

That’s why in the boat you just put your feet in the shoes and you feel the boat. And this is why when we row the Rowperfect I ask them to remove their shoes. That is one of the reasons.

The second reason is because I want to keep the angle of the footstretcher on the Rowperfect3 that has been developed to be 43 degrees just like in the boat. That means If I wear shoes I totally destroy that angle and I totally destroy also the height from the foot stretcher to the seat. That’s why it makes no sense to change.

I want to emulate the same push with the legs [on the erg] as I am achieving in the boat.

My recommendation is when you row on the erg you take your shoes off at least on on the Rowperfect where I know that the angles are right – and you are going to apply the same power as in the boat and you are going to feel with your toes and you are going to develop the senses like being in the boat and these things are going to help you to move the boat fast.

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