Carlos Dinares first week on the East Coast

I’m excited to say that my first week here is down and I feel I have achieved a lot!
During this first week I’ve been in Washington DC and Princeton. I’ve been coaching and doing presentations to rowers and coaches with the new RP3 and its software. I have also worked on some old machines to get them ready to row and give good data to some great rowing programs!
I’ve been talking with coaches and rowers about their experience on the new machine. This is some of the feedback I’m getting:

- It is the best rowing simulation of what rowing on the water feels like.
- The new RP3 looks really good all in Stainless steel and is very attractive on its new design.
- The feedback from the computer it is real feedback live stroke after stroke and is amazing how much it helps you to change from stroke to stroke and learn about your rowing.
- It is an amazing tool for us coaches to help our rowers to feel real connection and take that feel to the water.
- It is an amazing tool for us coaches to to teach timing, rhythm, connection, acceleration, stroke length, working with the body weight..
- Rowers really like to row on them because it feels like rowing on the water.
- It develops amazing fitness and we can feel it on our body when you row on it. We just feel how engaged the whole core and body is during the stroke from the catch all the way to the release.

It is very interesting to see how some coaches that want to get an advantage are learning from it and adapting it to their systems. I’m teaching them how to use them to get their Teams more competitive. At the end the biggest increment of speed is achieved by the REAL changes you can produce in the ROWING BODY. Changing your boat, oars or rigging will have a minimal impact compared with what you can achieve by making those rowing bodies more coordinated, efficient and fit. Better POWER APPLICATION is KEY!

It is true that coaches are busy and already have a lot to do. It is also true that the machine is expensive to make and buy, but the reality is that there is a new tool out there that really helps to develop good rowing and it is exciting that is available.

Some coaches are taking advantage and taking the extra work and giving up maybe buying a new boat to get few of them. At the end it is all about choices and coaches need to decide what is the best move for them to give to their rowers the best rowing experience they can to help them be the best they can be. Also coaches need to find new ways to become faster to keep competitive. We all race to do the best we can.

I’m really excited Rowperfect3 is a reality and is going to help many rowers and coaches to be better and understand rowing better. It is going to take time but it is going to happen and everyone is going to benefit from it. It is a great tool available and this is great.

I will be at the HOC with one of the new machines. Please come to see me and ask me all the questions you have. You can e.mail me at or give me a call to my cell 2063315319.

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