Carlos Dinares: Good Rowing is Powerful and has Rhythm

The more I row the more I understand rowing as a combination of Power and Rhythm. The more Power the easier is to get good Rhythm.

What is Rowing Power? Rowing Power is the Power you can generate to accelerate the boat and make it go fast. This Power will be dynamic and will require some really good boat and blade skill to be efficient and actually move the boat..

When this Power is applied during the drive, then is when we can with this increase of speed start generating good Rowing Rhythm. The faster the boat goes the more you can feel this rhythm and the more you can understand the principles of rowing. This is one of the reasons why I like women rowers to row sometimes with men. Men have more power in general and can help them to feel more the rhythm of rowing.

Here is a good way to see good speed and Rhythm

For me it is very important that a rower develops his body correctly overtime to have good power and this power useful for rowing. This means we need the rower to have good coordinated power to move a boat. This Power will be applied to move a boat on a dynamic situation. Eventually this good power used to move the boat will generate the good rhythm.

In this video you can see a boxer training his punch with a bag with rhythm key for a boxer.

If you are a rower and want to increase your rowing skill get into boxing. I can assure you it will help you on your speed, coordination and rhythm for sure.

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