Carlos Dinares: Mahe Drysdale uses ROWPERFECT3

Mahe Drysdale has taken delivery of a new RP3 Rowperfect. Here is his training diary for the past month.

Firstly on the training

Over the last month training has involved a lot of miles on the water and even more on the bike in the afternoons. Its that time of year when we are putting in the hard yards building up the base, this usually means a lot of time training and being pretty buggered every night.

At the beginning of December I was fortunate enough to have a Rowperfect3 delivered, this was one of the first Rowperfect3′s made, so I felt pretty lucky. Since hurting my back doing an erg test in March 2010 I have completely avoided the machine.

When I first got to try the Rowperfect3 in Boston (at the Head of the Charles with Carlos Dinares) I was truly excited as it was much less impact, than all the other ergs I had been on and was the most realistic feeling (most like the boat) that I had experienced.

Thankfully although we have had a lot of wet weather the wind hasn’t stopped us getting on the water over the past month so I haven’t had to spend huge amounts of time on the erg.

The sessions I have had I have enjoyed and been getting to know the machine and getting to grips with using the added information that SEAN provides (the interface program) I have found it interesting and certainly beneficial allowing me to better work on technical points off the water.

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