Carlos Dinares: POWER per STROKE in ROWING

Using Power Per Stroke – your secret coaching weapon

Let us show you in this video a very good example of a very good crew performing a workout of power per stroke at low rates to perfection.

The way I develop strength and power in the athletes i coach is by working at low rates and generating lots of power in each stroke to increase the heart rate and lactate levels.

I use the Rowperfect3 and the Joules x stroke to complement the work done on the water.

My voice over a short video clip of the French heavyweight mens 4- training with power strokes on the water.

I like how they anchor the blade at the catch and push the boat away around the fulcrum of the blade.

How to set the correct power per stroke for your crew

Start out by getting every rower to do a 2km max test on the Rowperfect.
Take the results and for each athlete, average the Joules per stroke from the total number of strokes taken during the test.

The work you produce in every stroke taken during training will be the development of your work per stroke during racing. I use this formula to develop huge levels of fitness in the rowers he coaches.

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