Carlos Dinares ROWING COACH

After doing the 3 day camp with Rowing Coach CARLOS DINARES:

- I’ve taken a half dozen rowing camps and this one is by far the best. I’ve had 10-12 coaches and a few were excellent but Carlos surpasses them all. Ten reasons why:

1) Direct attention from the coach. Being paired with Carlos on the erg and rowing with him in the double was the most effective coaching I’ve ever received. Plays to my learning style too.
2) Carlos is honest without being judgmental. Brutally honest, too. I enjoyed how he emphasized how much potential we have, rather than saying we suck.
3) A few words about the physics of rowing were helpful- levers, mass/distance, importance of length of stroke and timing and power application. All easy to understand and to apply.
4) Carlos talks about intuition and paying attention to how my actions affect ho the boat moves. This is in stark contrast to the single-style-no-matter-your-body-type approach of most coaches. On Sunday while Carlos was watching me in my 1x , I started to trust myself and “listen” to the boat. This was revolutionary for me.
5) Carlos affirmed that it’s okay to do what we can with what we have; to discover our strengths and maximize them, and shed unhelpful habits that get in the way. Other coaches have a way of making us feel like we can’t achieve much if we’re not the right body type.
6) Carlos is great with visual pictures and metaphors- throwing a ball, picking up a package, hanging from a bar- that simplify parts of the rowing stroke and make them more natural by linking them to another natural movement. The pictures are really helpful for me.
7) While I have plenty to work on, Carlos distilled his corrections to 5 major ones that, when I make the changes, a lot of idiosyncrocies fall by the way (are no longer present). Five is about all I can handle without losing that intuitive approach entirely.
a) Carlos is not dismissive of masters rowers. Many coaches are. They never say it but it shows in dismissive behavior, lackluster recommendations and limited attention. Carlos getting on the erg and in the double with each one of us is the opposite to this.
9) The stationary ergometer is my sworn enemy. To pull decent numbers (not great, but okay) on the Rowperfect3 was liberating for me. Cost puts it out of reach temporarily but I will own one day one.
10) I came away from these 3 days feeling that I can row beautifully and efficiently if I put the work in. Other coaches have given me an impression that my age and weight are limitations. Today I feel that If I get my technique in order and row long my size and age matter less. I would like to continue training with Carlos.

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