In these 2 pictures you can see really good posture at the end of the stroke by top 2 scullers from France.

This is the second picture:

It is very interesting to look at these two pictures that were taken yesterday at the National Selection trials in France. The 2 rowers in these pictures row a M2x for France. They are one of the Teams with big chances to medal at the Olympic Games in London this summer.

This is what I can see:

1) Very good posture at the end of the stroke.
2) Very good strength on the body. They look very strong and seating up very well.
3) Their elbows are going out to complete the stroke.
4) Forearms look similar and grip too.
5) They look very similar. That is really good because they row a 2x and they need to move together as one.
6) Very interesting to see the wave of the boat. Very similar on both pictures.
7) Their shoulders are relaxed when their core and body is totally engaged.
a) They are both blowing air at the end of the stroke. Look at their mouth.
9) Good grip.
10) Very focus

Looking at both pictures, few things come to my mind of the rowing of each one, the part of the race and the technique of each one.

We know that the rower from the first picture is the strongest one on the ergo and was second on the race. He is also heavier. The rower on the second picture won the race and is lighter I believe. He is slower on the stationary ergo.

Looking at the pictures I can see that the rower from the first picture cedric is in a position where he has moved forward to the bow than Julien. We can also see that his body weight is affecting more the bow of the boat.
Look at both waves next to the bow and you will see that Cedric’s one, top picture is bigger tan the second picture, Julien’s.
If you look at the top picture you can see some forearm under the oar shaft and also the wrist is already turning. For sure the body weight is down on first picture and more suspended on Julien’s second picture.
Julien is a little less moved to the bow and this can be because the picture is an earlier shoot but if you look at his head it has already changed direction what is somehow telling me that he might be rowing less to the bow than cedric, upseting less the bow or that he is on a very early part of the race where the rate is still really high and the change of direction very fast.

So my 2 cents here are that the difference can be because pictures are done at different times, but the head of Julien is confusing me… Or that the pictures are taken in different parts of the racecourse for each rower or that really one rows with his body weight more to the bow?

This is hard to know. What I know is these 2 rowers are very good scullers and make an amazing 2x really fast and with plenty of potential to win Gold at the Olympic games!

Good luck to them on the coming racing season!

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