In this video you are going to see an 8+. This boat is rowing at low rate and has clear instructions from the coach about the way the body mass needs to move during the stroke and the level of their hands on the recovery. This is not the same for every crew, every style of rowing can do this differently. You can see that in order to have a direct catch and be able to jump all 8 together with a direct blade, they go down with their hands after the release to have an inertia to the catch of the hands and the body growing to the catch from the hips. Later on the video you can see some good drills to have good blade control all together. You can see this clear on this crew. You can practice that same circuit of your hands on any boat class. The key to do that is to be connected all the way to the release and time well the release with the boat and turn your body mass direction without losing connection to the stretcher. If you achieve that you will have good control of the boat with your body mass grounded to the stretcher and will be able to play with your hand level without disturbing the balance of the boat.

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