Carlos Dinares: ROWING with GOOD POWER

Good video to watch! It is so powerful because you can feel good rowing just watching it. This video I’m listing here is a very good video of Power x stroke. This australian rower was stroking the Men’s 4x this last year at the Rowing World Rowing Championships in Bled, Slovenia and won the GOLD medal. Congratulations!

Look at the video and really focus on this 10 key parts of his rowing:
1) Blade preparation and attack to the water (entry)
2) Change of direction of the body mass at catch when the blade is connected.
3) Good hang with straight arms and good strong body position. Amazing gluts engagement.
4) Very powerful drive. Just amazing how connected he is to the water on how much he moves the boat in one single drive.
5) Nice arm draw and the beautiful release and change of direction of his body mass.
6) Nice arms come in and out at the same speed. Arms lead the recovery followed by an Amazing hip rotation.
7) I really like how he uses his time on the recovery and how he uses the momentums to accelerate the boat.
a) Good how he positions his elbows at the end of the stroke.
9) Very good grip during the drive and the recovery.
10) Very good consistency stroke after stroke.

This is a MUST SEE video before you row so you can have a clear idea of what good powerful and well coordinated rowing looks like.

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