Here are the 10 steps I normally follow on the first session of 90 minutes with a new rower.

1-  I start showing videos of what you are looking for. I show 2 videos. The first one is this lateral 1x sculler next to the 2nd video that is a lateral video of a rower rowing the RP3. I make pauses at the differents parts of the stroke cycle and show how the body movements are the same on the boat and on the RP3(Legs-body-arms..).

Download Video or MP3

Download Video or MP3

2- I show a video of what it is not done well. I talk about focus and purposeful practice. I show this video of young kids rowing the stationary erg without any posture and any coordination. I explain posture, sequence of movements, leverage …

Download Video or MP3

3- I talk about the goal of working first on the land with the help of the RP3 and its software to develop the right sequence of movements and coordination. I explain that by developing this coordination on the land we can make the progress of rowing well on the water faster on the long run.

4- I talk about the problem of not blocking the lower back and shutting the slide. I explain this some in action examples.

5- I introduce the new rower with the Rowperfect3 without software and teach her to seat up, posture and positioning.

6- I explain how to rotate the hips and why and how to grip the handle.

7- I talk about leverage, fulcrum, feet against handle. Pressure, acceleration and throwing the frisbee.

8- I make the rower to take some strokes and do some portions of the stroke and work with pauses. I make the rower listen at the flyweel acceleration. I make the rower to figure it out how to do it without much explanation. My goal is to have the rower to be natural on how to push the boat away by generating leverage from the footstretcher against the handle.

9- I make the rower to practice full strokes with the software looking at the power curve and the joules x stroke. I ask her or him to learn from the feel of the good strokes that are getting higher numbers and better power curves shapes and to try to repeat those strokes by feel.

10- I make the rower to do few sets of 3 minutes rowing to keep improving.

The rower by the end of the 90 minutes session is able to produce strokes over 500 joules. The rower in this session was a 14 years old girl that has NEVER DONE ANY ROWING. By the end she was able to block her lower back, accelerate the flyweel and develop some good strokes.

Next session we will practice on the rowperfect3 for 15 minutes, get on the water with the double for 60 minutes to start learning about the boat and the blade and do another 15 minutes on the rowperfect3.

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