Carlos Dinares: The future of ROWING

Look at this video and see visionary Apple CEO Steve Jobs talking about something interesting back in 1984..

My vision for rowing is that we are not doing the work as well and accurate as we could do.
I believe that the right rowing machine will be the one that really simulates rowing on the water, the dynamics and acceleration. This machine is Rowperfect3. When we have a machine that really simulates rowing on the water is when we can really start to believe on the data and numbers that the software is giving us.
I believe that in the near future we are going to see an improvement on our sport. Many rowers and coaches will start training on a rowing machine that simulates rowing on the water and gives them objective data of water speed.
Eventually this change will make boats faster and more efficient and world records will be broken. Lets wait and see! It is going to happen!

Change is hard but possible.

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