Carlos Dinares Tip #256: Synchronization of rowers on a Team Boat – Synchronizing rowing

When we coach a team boat or we row a team boat we need to start understanding how important is good synchronization to achieve efficient rowing and maximum speed.

My opinion is that good team boat coaches have the skill to know which players to seat on the boat, where on the boat and also have the ability to teach them to move together rowing on the same Team boat.

Let’s try to understand clear here what is really Synchronization of the rowers on the same boat in rowing.

The rowers in a team boat are mechanically connected to each other through the stretcher and the boat. This means that the boat and the stretcher are not moving but the rowers are. Think about the effect on the speed of the boat at the catch when all the 8 rowers for example jump at the catch to the stretcher but don’t do it at the same time? The negative effect of that on the impulse of the boat is huge. I always say to people who need to seat race to just match the rest of the boat and relax. It is not about who goes the harder but who matches better the rest of the crew and makes the boat comfortable for the others to pull their hardest. This means that rowers have to move and apply forces synchronously to get the the highest potential speed of the crew.

I believe that coaching will evolve soon to finding ways on the land to teach our crews to synchronize better. It makes so much sense. If a huge part of the efficient rowing of a Team boat is going to depend on the ability of the rowers to match each other and jump at the same time, why don’t we have them on the land doing the same thing?
This under my opinion should be rowing dynamic ergs all connected.

Why do we test our rowers individually to make a Team boat when they will need to perform connected to other rowers? Why do we test them individually on a stationary way when they are rowing dynamic and connected on the water? Why do we test them individually and let them decide their rate, race pace and race plan when we will decide as coaches that for the team boat?

These are the things that we will be using soon to make our Team boats faster and help them to synchronize better:

1) We will row dynamic ergometers that simulate rowing on the water.
2) We will connect those ergs to each other to develop good timing of the crew and good synchronization.
3) We will test on the land the rowers connected and on a dynamic way and will make them follow our race plan.
4) We will coordinate the work on the water and on the land the same way doing the same drills and warm ups.

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