Carlos Dinares Tip #262: 10 Reasons Why ROWING is a GOOD sport that helps us to be happy

Here I list 10 personal good reasons for me why Rowing is a GREAT sport to do and WHY it makes us HAPPY!

1) We get to do something for ourselves.
How important is in today society to stop for a moment and say: HEY, What I’m really doing for me? I work to pay the bills, I work to help my kids, I drive to get to work, I use the weekends to please my family, I buy groceries and eat to keep alive …. But what do i do for me? Not much anymore. Well rowing is something you will do for YOU and ONLY YOU. It will be your daily treat. Your passion, your desire, your happiness of the day!

2) We get to row in the middle of this huge lake or river.
What an amazing thing to do. To get on the water and go out and row FEELING FREE of lights, police radars, noise, cars, people stressed out…. I remember when I started rowing at age 13 in the Port of Barcelona this was what really got me addicted. I was rowing a single at age 13 by myself in the middle of a huge port alone and FREE. I couldn’t believe it! All my life at this time was so organized and scheduled and directed but rowing was FREEDOM. I loved it!

3) We get to make new friends all the time that share our same passion, rowing.
We get to travel to regattas all over and meet new people everywhere. Rowing is a huge family. We are all so different and so diverse but can seat and laugh and have a good time because we all share that passion for the same thing that keeps us Happy, rowing.

4) We are totally addicted to the challenge of seeking the perfect stroke.
It is hard to get to feel this perfect stroke and when we get it or find it we want to repeat it and it is not easy. It keeps us motivated and focus because it requires to do everything right at the same moment to get there. It can keep us working non stop for decades!

5) We get to row on the single by ourselves and explore the rowing world by ourselves individually or be part of a Team boat.
Both experiences are AMAZING and have so much positive value. As a single you get to experience rowing without anybody getting on your rowing. Is the purest way of rowing. Rowing on a Team boat is an experience that has no words. You get to work hard for a goal as a Team and on race day to work together to achieve it Rowing is one of the few sports that you cannot say who is the best rower and the worst in a Team boat coming down the course. We are all at the same level and all work for the same goal.

6) Rowing is a sport that you can do it all your life if yo want. We can see rowers starting at age 12 and still rowing at age 95. Because you are seating you can keep going forever.

7) Rowing boosts your mood by stimulating your brain to increase the release of certain chemical messengers that help increase feelings of happiness.
In addition, other chemicals are released to block the messengers that tell your brain you feel pain and stress. It is AMAZING you can get that just by exercising on a natural way!

8) Everyone who wants to do it can do it. You only need to know how to swim and get to the boat and row. If you have the desire to do it you will do it.

9) When you row you move all your body and get to improve your fitness in a very good way. It move many parts of your body on a huge range of motion.
Rowing is the perfect sport to keep all your body moving and burn plenty of calories. It is a very good return for every minute you put into it!

10) There are so many different events choices in the sport of rowing that is fun for the rowers to be rowing on so many different boats and crews. Also there is sculling and sweep rowing and you can row an individual, two people, four people or 8 people boat. Also you can keep changing the lineups! It is fun to don’t get always to do the same thing!

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