Carlos Dinares Tip #273: The PASSION of ROWING BETTER

When you have passion for what you do, you wake up excited to do it. PASSION for something is an amazing thing and you can develop it and find it by doing what you really like and following what really makes you happy.
Rowing is a really hard sport where plenty of practice, effort and perseverance are necessary to improve. The more excited you are about your training, doing it well and the more persistent you are, the more chances you have to reach your full potential.
When we go row, we should go to train to be better and really improve. We should have a goal. We all should want to achieve something that makes us feel happier.
Passion is a self-generated tool. You have the ability to motivate yourself; to concentrate on your purpose; to get yourself excited about what you do.
You, the rower or coach are the one who needs to start being excited and passionate about your goal. You need to dream about it and believe that with good training and persistency you will get there.
Your attitude sets the mood for everyone around you. They get excited if you are excited. If you are fascinated, so are they. Recommendations you give to others that come from the heart are so powerful on others.
If you want to coach better or row better, first ask yourself how passionate you are about it. Learn to develop PASSION for what you want to do for yourself. If you develop PASSION, eating properly will be easier, sleeping and resting enough will be something you will start doing more and more and waking up on the mornings for practice will be something that you will do happy and excited.
We ROW because we want. We set our goals because in order to keep going we like to challenge ourselves with things that are good for us. Those goals and challenges are not easy but key for us to feel good with ourselves.
You have a lot more to achieve. You have a lot more potential. Rowing is a very complex sport where there are many areas you can improve to row better and faster.
First things first. Start by believing that rowing is good for you. That having that goal will help you to push yourself to get better. Dream about that race, that result, that goal and get PASSIONATE about it and start working to get there. At the end you can be a lot faster and better rower than you are.
It only takes to be PASSIONATE and put all the right things on place to get there. ROWING is not ROCKET SCIENCE. There are good coaches, good information online, good places to train and good rowing camps. It all starts by you FINDING OUT How much you want it! Stop giving excuses and get to work to achieve your dream, goal! You CAN DO IT!

You Can Never Be Too Passionate!

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