Carlos Dinares Tip #281: Head of the Charles Regatta 2011- Ready… GO!

It is exciting to be here in Boston and see this time the race from the shore… I sent my entry and the draw didn’t favor me and I wasn’t accepted… Ugh.. Anyway next year I will be ready again and send my entry! I hope this time i get IN!
The nice thing of being here even if I’m not racing is that I can see and experience all the things that are going on as if i was going to race. Looking at the weather it is just amazing to see how it changes at this time of year. The reality is that it is not predictable what you are going to have in front of you on race day. Wednesday was awful here in Boston. Raining, windy, it was just miserable. Yesterday thursday was amazing, sunny, flat and beautiful. Today friday it is not raining but is getting cooler and is windy. Just surprising how much the weather can change from day to day.
When you train for a big race, for many people the HOC is their biggest race of the year, you want to train for what is going to happen and be ready to perform. Well at the HOC you cannot predict the weather, you cannot predict the course you are going to have to do if you don’t start on bow number 1 and you cannot predict how you are going to feel. How amazing is that! That makes this race more interesting because you don’t really know what will happen until you are on it and doing it.

My advice if you are entered in this race and going to race is:

No matter how you feel, no matter how fast you are or slower in reference to past years, don’t believe for a second that you can predict your result. Stay humble and focus and race hard and smart. Anything can happen in this race, you might be able to do your best just because you have an amazing course, feel amazing and the weather is the best it can be for you to favor you. You might feel you are not as strong as last year or the past but who cares, is not time to get soft and start lining excuses of why you are not as strong. Stop thinking about the past, get focus on now and the present, accept that you are ready and you are going to race and go for it. You might get the best race ever not having done that much good training or you might feel over confident and have your worst race ever.

My advise is attack the race as a challenge. Focus on your boat and move smart. Pace yourself so you can take control of the course and your rivals. Row well and Row the boat. Remember you have to race for 20 minutes and you cannot give up. Keep thinking positive and making your own technical calls. Respect the rules and make a good course. Be sure you get to warm up well and early enough at the starting area. Keep your stroke rate high and be aggressive on your rowing and overall, don’t forget to HAVE FUN!!

Good luck on your racing!

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