Carlos Dinares Tip #283: Head of the Charles 2011- Sunday! Last day of racing!

Congratulations to all the racers on saturday. Good luck to the ones that are going today!

It is important that you remember that whatever is your final result, you need to feel happy you came to Boston to race, you raced and lined up and finished the race this year. Not everybody can win and if you did or not is time to look back at the year and what you did and start again. There is not another way. If you didn’t make the 5% you need to keep working and improving so that you can be accepted in the future and race better. If you did is time to check on your result and how you feel and make plans for the coming year. At the end it is all about keeping you going and motivated to keep pushing and pushing yourself to keep in shape, healthy and fit to feel good and happy with yourself. The best reward is that you raced and did all this hard work to lead you to here. Don’t feel bad or sad, you came and raced and it is all relative to your training and the time you put on. You can do always better but need to line up your priorities. Getting faster is possible but hard and it requires time and effort. If you want to get faster just line up a plan and execute it. If you are already fast keep going and don’t get busy with other things and leave your training on the side. I wasn’t accepted this year and I’m happy for the ones who did and I keep training hard for next year. It is all about keeping going and enjoying the process of rowing fast and well having fun doing it. This is a very competitive race and you need to know that. The bests want to win here and it takes a lot of talent and training to win the Head of the Charles. Congratulations to all of you for your racing at the Head of the Charles 2011!

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