Carlos Dinares Tip #284: Consistent training is the key to ROW FASTER- KEEP GOING!

The Head of The Charles 2011 is done and is time to congratulate all those rowers for getting to Boston, row their way down the course and check their performance against the other participant crews. Another big year for the HOC.

It is always a big satisfaction doing well at the Head of the Charles. We all know the local Teams have an advantage and they use it to believe they will do well. It is easier to sleep at home, launch from your boathouse and train day after day at the course you will race.

It was not surprising to see many good crews that perform year after year doing well. Also it was interesting to see how many local crews were able to take advantage of their home course and row to win taking a different course to get the advantage of the current on the river.

Training and doing the training program is important but not enough to achieve your best. The mental and emotional side of sport is so vital, particularly at this level. It’s not just a case of being the best physically prepared, but being mentally strong too. This race is a really hard one and Teams from everywhere come to Boston prepared to win. They do it year after year. The mind and the body work together “big time” on this race. We know that is a long and hard race with many things going on during the execution of it that produce emotional stress. We know that emotional stress releases hormones and have a marked physical effect on the bodies.

Now is time to get back home and get organized for the training to come. Is time to slow things down, get a plan on the table for future goals and execute. Cold weather, dark mornings, lack of racing are going to be many of the challenges that we are going to find soon in front of us. Is time to set our future goals, get some rest and work hard to get them.

Training is a choice you make and many of us do.
Doing your best or achieving your top potential is something you need to work for. Not many get there.

If you think you still have more speed, then train smarter and better and you will get faster for sure!

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