Carlos Dinares Tip #289: Many ROWING COACHES are MAKING BIG MISTAKES!

This is a pretty direct statement! Why do i say that?
Well let’s start making an example so everybody can understand:
If somebody called Andrew wins a race, I believe that because my friend’s name is Andrew he can do it too! WRONG!
If somebody wins the Olympics on sunday I believe I have a better chance to win the Olympics on a Sunday! WRONG!
If somebody does a 200 push ups before a big race, I believe I have a better chance to win by doing the same! WRONG!
If somebody who wins a race has a good C2 score I believe that by having a good C2 score I can win a race! WRONG!

Very simple because they keep doing the same things others coaches do without really understanding the WHY and the HOW.
If you study all the successful TEAMS you will see always a successful coach behind with a system and if you look at all the TEAMS that are NOT GETTING GOOD RESULTS for a long time having the same coach you will see an UNSUCCESSFUL COACH.

What is the problem? Why are those coaches not having good results? Why are those coaches UNSUCCESSFUL COACHES?

Well there are many answers to that but I want to focus on some of the reasons that got to my attention that make many rowing coaches unsuccessful.

1) They copy what successful coaches do without understanding the why and the way to do it.
2) They apply what elite coaches do to rowers from a totally different level.
3) They blame always the talent of their athletes and never question their talent as good coaches.
4) They don’t understand how a rowing boat moves and what are the principles of rowing.
5) They don’t want to accept that they can learn from others and that they HAVE to BE BETTER

Ok let’s give here some examples:
Let’s have a Team of High School rowers that a rowing coach is in charge. The coach knows that the top Olympics rowers score high on the C2 and go fast on the water. Well what the coach is going to do is:
a) Make the rowers erg until they get good scores ON THE ROWING MACHINE not understanding that many of those Olympics rowers with good scores on the rowing machine row on the water 3 times a day.
b) Start doing too many pieces at high rates when they don’t know how to row. What those coaches don’t understand is that those Olympic rowers get thousands of hours at low rates before the get to do many pieces at high rates. The percentage of work at low rates over high rates is very high.

What is happening is that many ROWING coaches don’t really know how someone should develop a rower to succeed. I believe they want to win so badly that they jeopardize the development of their athletes for an early insignificant win.
A GOOD ROWER can be structured on 4 parts:
1) A good brain that is highly motivated and strong and persistent against adversity.
2) A good rowing coordination that is developed on the water with good rowing skills and learning to move with the boat.
3) A good frame, body strengths or the springs. Those get developed on the land with body circuits, weights and on the water with good rowing at power x stroke.
4) A good engine, good cardiovascular system, good V02max, good red blood cells, good cells work…

Ok Now that we have those 4 big parts let’s see what is the problem!

If I’m rowing on the C2 at high rates, I’m building my engine but destroying my coordination or rowing skills and my frame. Why? Because when I row over and over the C2 I develop the wrong pattern of coordination and also destroy my frame by getting injured and not developing any real power x stroke the way I can on the water.
Who are the only really successful TEAMS that go fast using the C2? ELITE TEAMS that train many hours on the water to develop the correct coordination and frame.
What happens to the High School teams and college Teams that use the C2 but cannot row that much on the water:
They are not helping their rowers to be successful INTERNATIONAL ROWERS. Why?
Because they are destroying the development of their athletes by over doing work on the engine and not giving enough attention to the development of their frame and rowing coordination and skill.

What is happening is that rowing coaches are using systems used by ELITE ROWING TEAMS that train 5 to 6 hours a day on High school, college and masters programs.
The only way a rower can be the fastest it can be is when the FRAME, ROWING COORDINATION and ENGINE are developed to their full potential.

What is the solution to this:
The solution is to have all those coaches to be aware of that and find solutions to develop more the frame of their athletes and the rowing coordination and boat skills.
By rowing more on the water and rowing a rowing machine that develops the right rowing coordination and the right frame.

I don’t think is normal that we have thousands of High school sweep rowers in the USA and we cannot put boats together to win the World Rowing Championships? What is the problem? Are all those thousands of kids NOT TALENTED or maybe the systems the rowing coaches are using are not as good as they could be?

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