Carlos Dinares Tip #288: The BEST ROWING COACHES and ROWERS are Persistent, Efficient and Proactive

The most successful CEOs were those who were persistent, efficient and proactive. Persistent leaders don’t give up. They stick with assignments until they are done. Efficient CEOs get a lot done in a short period of time. And proactive ones are self-directed and regularly bring in new ideas.

Why do we think we got these results and why do we think they are right? CEOs who are persistent, efficient and proactive get things done. Those who don’t display those skills don’t achieve results, even if they are good listeners, team players, and so on. And if a leader doesn’t get things done, their employees get frustrated or even leave, particularly the better ones.

Employees are most positive when they make progress. And it is almost redundant to say that persistent, efficient, proactive CEOs make the most progress.
Drucker says effective executives share the following: They utilize time efficiently, focus on contribution, do first things first, and make effective, rational decisions.
There is no doubt that Steve Jobs, while arrogant and perhaps even unpleasant at times, was persistent, efficient and proactive. Both types of CEOs can create the kind of progress that motivates employees, and succeeds.
Everybody mistakenly believes that the one thing that really separates the best from all the rest is pure talent and natural ability. However, what really distinguishes those that can from those who can’t is even simpler. It’s Stick-to-itiveness! Those that ultimately make the team do so because they persist. They refuse to quit. They refuse to give in. They keep at it no matter what. Yes, ability and talent are very important to success. However, without persistence, your ability and talent mean absolutely nothing. Without persistence, you become nothing more than someone who has “permanent potential.” If you’re willing to pay your physical dues and put in the time, if you refuse to give in no matter what, if you master the ability to keep on keeping on, then sooner or later you will run head-first into success. NOTHING IN THE WORLD CAN TAKE THE PLACE OF PERSISTENCE!

Let’s now take all that into rowing. I believe that successful rowing coaches need to be as persistent, efficient and proactive as the most SUCCESSFUL CEOs. Do you know of any successful rowing coach that doesn’t spend all his day, energy and passion on making his rowers faster? Do you know of any of these coaches that doesn’t think all day long about how to make his rowers faster? These top coaches are normally very persistent and never give up. They want to give the best they have to their athletes to see them succeed. They are passionate and excited about the journey of each one of their rowers. Those coaches get things done and make a direct impact on each rower they coach. They are action people. They can anticipate problems and find solutions or strategies to get out of these problems the best way they can. They love competition and challenge and they embrace complexity and difficulty. These coaches are huge motivators and mentors for many athletes.

Let’s now take that to the rowers. Do you know many top rowers that are not very persistent and competitive? They normally don’t mind extra work and will do it on their own for themselves. To get to their best. Those successful rowers are normally very efficient with their time and their day. They get a lot of things done. They know how to balance their life and get the most of each situation. These successful rowers are also normally proactive. To be successful in ROWING you need normally to spend an average of 8 years training hard and developing. It takes a long time to develop a body and get to be the best you can be. To be able to handle and enjoy 8 years of your life training many hours every day you need to be passionate and excited to become the best you can be. You need to do it for yourself and for yourself.

The conclusion here is that It doesn’t matter if we are talking about CEOs, rowers or coaches. If you want to be the best you can be at what you do you need to have some qualities and use them. Top rowers and top coaches are not different. Nobody will become the best he can be not being persistent. Winning doesn’t prove at all you have reached your best. The world is not perfect and records get broken year after year. Winning only proves that you are the fastest at this moment but doesn’t prove if you have reached your best or not.

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