Carlos Dinares Tip #293: The 1 Million Dollars ROWING REALITY CHECK!

Ok what is that? What is the $1.000.000 Rowing REALITY CHECK?
What i can do that can help me to check the reality of my crew, boat on the water? What kind of test is as powerful as $1000.000?

Ok here is the test! Here is the reality check! READY!
Before I explain the test to be performed on the water to REALLY see the LEVEL OF REAL SKILL of your CREW, take some time to read CAREFULLY….

If I want to go fast at race pace I need to have a crew that is VERY EFFICIENT at RACE PACE with their body, the boat and their TEAMMATES (if they are on a Team boat). I need to have a crew full of rowers that have excellent blade work for sure. This crew needs to be moving with the boat and need to be perfect at the change of direction, timing and power application. Also this crew needs to be well connected to the water, have plenty of rhythm and efficient power to move the boat.
Ok the other big element to win a race is that my crew needs to be fit and very powerful. I can check this very easy with an erg test. The ergometer test won’t tell me how fast they can move a boat or how efficient they can be on the water but will give me a good indication on how fit they are.

Ok than let’s no worry about fitness because I can check this easy with a 1 minute test, 2km test, 6km test, 30 minutes @22 and an hour test.
How do i do a simple test on the water that shows me clear how skilled and efficient my rowers and crews are?



Yes I repeat that:
Have your crew row for several minutes, miles… NON STOP all 8 at 14-16 and not 18 It needs to be 14-16.

Then CHECK how many MISTAKES they make.

These are the problems you will probably see and all of them have a reason to be and a solution:

1) They cannot balance the boat.
2) They cannot row at 14.
3) They cannot do it together.
4) They cannot move the boat.
5) They cannot find rhythm.
6) They cannot enjoy the rowing.
7) They cannot accelerate the boat.
8) They cannot row long.
9) The cannot finish the stroke.
10) They don’t look good.

Ok if these are several of the problems you have you GOT a REALITY CHECK!

Your crew or TEAM has several parts of the stroke and their rowing that needs work and by rowing by 6 or at high rates you are not going to solve the real problems. By doing the REALITY CHECK you really can see the REAL LEVEL OF SKILL OF YOUR CREW!

DO IT! and don’t think or this is not IMPORTANT. Just have them rowing at 14 -16 and video and do it for 30 minutes non stop and see what happens! Don’t GIVE UP THE REALITY CHECK! A lot of the problems you will see on the REALITY CHECK are the problems that are making your crew SLOWER at RACE PACE!

We all know that as coaches we want to make our crew look good to make us feel good but this is not a good solution. The crew needs to look how it is and you need to ACCEPT that if your CREW looks bad on the REALITY CHECK you have WORK TO DO and need to EMBRACE IT and DO IT!

If you do the reality check and it doesn’t look good than you need to figure it out what are the things you need to work on your crew to make them to be able to do the rowing at 14 perfectly. I can help you if you have questions or a video if you e.mail me to

A good crew will look perfect at rate 14 with good balance, power application and good acceleration and speed.

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