Carlos Dinares Tip #304: 10 Similarities between these WINNING ROWING CREWS

Look at these videos and you will see some similarities.

1) Very god timing at the catch.
2) Very good timing at the release.
3) Very good coordination.
4) Crews very powerful on power x stroke.
5) Very good posture.
6) Very good connection to the water.
7) All the rowers moving together.
8) Very good fitness.
9) Very efficient rowing.
10) All cross the line first.

All these crews used the Rowperfect rowing simulator on their training. The Rowperfect machine helped them to develop an advantage over their competition. All these races have something special:

a) The British 8+ coached by Harry mahon demonstrates an amazing technique and efficient rowing
b) Robb Waddell has the World Indoor record on C2 with a 5:36 and a Gold Olympic medal using the rowperfect.
c) Frans Goebel and Peter Haining were able to win the LM1x after using the rowperfect on their advantage. You can see on the 1993 Final Peter Haining coming after a mistake and winning the Gold with amazing power x stroke and fitness.
d) University of Washington winning the varsity 8+ at the IRA 2011 by open water and the JV, Open 4+ and Varsity 4+.

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