Carlos Dinares Tip #305: Are you ROWING like a ROBOT?

Watching robots is a good way to think about all the basic fundamentals of movement that humans take for granted but need to master in order to move.

Why it is so difficult or impossible to build a robot that can row like a human? Are we limited by the way we approach rowing and really don’t get to our full potential the same way they cannot build a robot that can row perfectly? Do our rowing looks like more robotic than easy and effortless?

Do you think a robot could maintain balance on a boat. Could match other rowers?
If the top Neuroscientists cannot figure out how to build robots that work exactly like humans it might be that our more efficient movements are not that easy to replicate and there is a lot going on on our brain and body to execute this perfect rowing stroke.

The best rowing is the one that looks the easiest to execute. The best rowing looks effortless, flows and is dynamic with rhythm. The best rowing has been developed by the right bodies overtime with thousands of good repetitions and years. Too much muscle gets on the way of coordination. Where is the balance of power, coordination and efficiency to be the fastest we can be?

Is it that difficult to adapt to a boat and don’t disturb the speed of it during the recovery?

Look at these 2 next videos …

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