Carlos Dinares Tip #306: WORLD RECORD on the Concept2 Rowing Machine

These are the 4 fastest times ever recorded in men and women, Heavyweight and Lightweight.

Heavyweight woman: Sophie Balmary, France 6:28.4 2006
Heavyweight man: Rob Waddell New Zealand 5:36.6 2008

Lightweight Woman: Ursula Grobler, U.S.A. 6:54.7 2010
Lightweight Man: Henrik Stephansen, Denmark 5:58.5 2009

I have some good information of how 3 of them trained to get to this World record.

start with Ursula Grobler who I coached to achieve this WORLD RECORD of 6:54 at 130 pounds. I started coaching Ursula 3 years before the world record and at this moment she was a novice rower with 25 pounds and 30 seconds more on her 2km score. What did we do during these 3 years?

a) We didn’t use the Concept2 Rowing Machine at all.
b) Instead we used the Rowperfect Rowing simulator that helped her to get STRONGER and more POWERFUL.
c) We did plenty of work at low rates to develop power x stroke.
d) We rowed a lot on the water at low rates on the 1x with POWER per STROKE.

Sophie Balmary is from France and got the WORLD RECORD with a time of 6:28. She has the fastest time ever recorded for a woman on the Concept2 rowing machine. What did she do to get this time?
Sophie is the daughter of the rowing president of one of the regions in France. I had the chance to meet her dad and few coaches of this region at the time. I know what Sophie’s training was and got her to get to this fast time.

a) Very little of rowing on the Concept2 Rowing Machine. Just for testing.
b) Plenty of rowing on the 1x on the water at low rates developing power per stroke.
c) Plenty of 30 minutes pieces at 18 and 20 strokes a minute with maximum power on the water.
d) Body circuits on land – some cross training.

Rob Waddell is from New Zealand and got the WORLD RECORD with a time of 5:36. He has the fastest time ever recorded for a man on the Concept2 rowing machine. What did he do to get this time?
Rob won the Olympics in 2000 on the 1x. Rob got a Rowperfect rowing machine from the inventor of the dynamic erg, Cas Rekers. Cas made a longer bar specially for him to be able to adapt to his long legs. Rob used the Rowperfect on his advantage and helped him to get the World record on the concept2 rowing machine.
What did he do to get this time?

a) Plenty of rowing on the 1x. He won the Olympics in 2000.
b) Plenty of rowing on the rowperfect rowing machine.

I know that training on the Rowperfect3 rowing machine gives you an advantage to test on the water and on the stationary ergometer. On the water because you are training the right movement and you are stronger. On the stationary ergometer because you are just fitter.

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