Carlos Dinares Tip #312: JUST DO IT- DO the ROWING WORK

What really matters at the end is doing the work. We are many times slowing down because we don’t feel good, we are busy, the weather is bad, the boat is not ready, our partner didn’t show up, there is fog, we feel lazy, we want to sleep in, we went to bed too late, our back hurts, we have a headache, our coach didn’t show up….

What really matters is doing the work!

Yes your body is a developing machine and because of it needs work to improve or even stay where you are. Obviously the work you do and how you do it will have a huge impact on how you perform. Also the recovery from this work will be one of the keys to your progress. But really many of us that don’t train that much and have really busy lives it is not that much about quality and recovery only, it is about doing something! DOING THE WORK!

As we all have clear that in order to move a boat we need to produce leverage in front of the blade against the footstretcher, and only by doing that we can move a boat, by doing the training we will make progress on the development of our body.

In order to do the work we need many things to play well in our lives. Here is a list for you to check and see if you are taking some action in each one of those points listed that will have a direct effect on doing the work or not:

1) Having fun when you row so you are excited to do it.
2) Sleeping enough so you can have energy to row.
3) Eating properly so you can have the proper fuel to do the work.
4) Having a goal so you can motivate yourself to reach that goal doing the work.
5) Getting faster with training so you know you are doing right and believe on the system.
6) Accepting there are good days and bad days. It doesn’t matter accumulation of days makes you better.
7) Being around the right people. Don’t let the bad influences to keep you away of doing the work.

When we are training we are exposing ourselves to a load of work that will make our body to change to adapt. This is how training works. There are 2 principal levels of change where we want to pretty much change to move a boat:

- We want to adapt the best we can ourselves to the boat and the rowing stroke. We want to be moving with the boat, adapting to the weather and our rowing teammates the best we can. We want to make rowing as simple for us as is walking. That will give us efficiency that will convert on easy speed. It is so much fun to move a boat with little work.

- We want to change all the cells of our body to process energy better. We want our body, all the functions of our body that make us to sustain intensity overtime to work to develop and improve. In order to do that we only have one way. It is an only one direction drive, doing the work and putting our body into stress so it can adapt.

So if it is this morning that the water is flat but we went to bed late and we missed practice, we really missed a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to develop both at ones. Rowing on good water can help us to develop good rowing technique and push our body cells to become better to maintain the work load longer.

If the water is bad and I decide to go get a coffee and not workout I miss the chance to go for a run or seat on the rowing machine to push my body and develop my cells.

There is always a training load that will help you improve. What you need to do is just do the work to keep adapting. Try to do quality work and recover well from it but be sure you DO THE WORK!

If you move your body your body is working. If your body is working, your body has a chance to change for better.
If you don’t move you seat so you cannot adapt. If you don’t adapt to work, you adapt to seating that is the opposite to moving and you detrain yourself. It is very simple.


Here are 5 tips to get more out of your training:

1) Do something. If you don’t have time or got too tired or it is too late do at least a 20 minutes workout, is better than nothing, WAY BETTER!!
2) If you row and the conditions are bad and because of that you cannot get anything from it on the way of intensity and cells work, then when you get in seat on an erg for few minutes and do 1 piece of hard work, even a 500 meter piece. Stress a little your engine every single day.
3) Write your training everyday on a rowing blog to keep truck of your training. That will give you some pressure to write something every day. Also you can look back and take some responsability of what you have done or not done.
4) Train on a group so it is easy to show up when you feel tired or lazy. The group dynamic makes it easier to do the work. You can decide to don’t row but you cannot leave a Team on the land because you don’t feel like rowing that day.
5) Remember every single day your goal. Think about why you are doing it. If you keep your eyes focus on the pie you will do the work better and with a purpose. Purposeful practice is really powerful.


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