Carlos Dinares Tip #317: Perfect FOOD for ROWERS

I decided to blog today about our dinner because I think it is great for rowers! Why I say is perfect for rowers? the reason I say is PERFECT for rowers is because we are 2 rowers here at Lake Samish training hard and this is what we eat many days for dinner and we keep getting faster day after day!
Also It is easy to cook and it taste so good. The ingredients we use are not expensive and all are good for you.

Ok What it is?

Let’s start with the ingredients list, You need:
- Olive oil, salt and pepper.
- Sunflower seeds and raisins.
- 1 can of diced organic tomatoes.
- 1 bunch of KALE.
- 1 pound of ground beef 95xcent.
- 2 sweet potatoes and 1 Yam.

You need to pans to cook the food.
You clean the KALE, and get it ready to put on the pan (ask at the grocery store or google how to clean/prepare KALE).
You cut the potatoes in very thins slices to cook faster.
In Pan 1 you cook the potatoes with some olive oil and a put a lid on it. Keep the fire medium-low.
In Pan 2 you cook the meat scramble with some olive oil and add some salt and pepper. Fire medium-High. When the meat is cooked you add the can of diced tomatoes and lower the Fire to low.
When potatoes are done you get them to Pan 2 and scramble them with the meat and the diced tomatoes at low fire.
Now that Pan 1 is empty you add the KALE and some water and put the lid and keep it at low – medium fire. You cook them for few minutes until they get softer and then add some olive oil raisins and some sunflower seeds. You scramble the whole mix and keep it at low fire and put the lid again.
After few minutes everything is ready!

Ok what is so great about this dinner!
You are eating raisins, sunflower seeds, KALE, lean meat, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and YAMS and Olive oil! Everything is good for you and has plenty of energy to recover from your workout and get ready for the next day!

You can do the same and add some eggs on the scramble to make it even more fun and have some more protein!

As I always say the secret of a good training program it is that the work gets assimilated so the body gets stronger and can take it on more and harder the next day. The key secret is good food to refuel and plenty of sleep to have your body flushing all these great hormones we want to get stronger!

Get to the store, buy the ingredients and get on the kitchen and do it! It is easy and you won’t go wrong! If you really want me to I can make a video of how I make it so EVERYONE can do it. Remember food and sleep are as important as the pieces and going hard! It is the ABC of training, Doing the work, eating well and plenty of rest! The 3 rules to get faster!!

I hope you enjoy our Lake Samish dinner plate!

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