Carlos Dinares Tip #321: To LEARN to ROW is not EASY!

Today I went Ice Skating. Ice skating today for me was a truly humbling experience!
The last time I Iced skate was long time ago …
Anyway I got my skates on and start walking to the ring confident thinking: I’m going to do that because I’m Carlos!
Well as soon as I start walking to the ring I felt weird… I had something on my feet that wasn’t usual. I was walking on shoes that had a knife or bar on. I had a weird feel like the one novice rowers have when they seat on a boat for the first time and hold their hands to an oar and strap their feet! I’m sure it is a weird feel too!
Anyway, I walked to the ring to the best of my ability and just before going for it, thought:
Ok Carlos this is going to be like the experience that many novice rowers experience when they get on the boat for the first time, just out of place. So take it easy and slow things down!

Well I got on the ring and started skating and this is how I felt:
My body just didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have the ability to shift the weight from one leg to the other. I didn’t know how to engage my gluts or muscles needed to give me control. My balance was off an my rhythm was affected from all of that. The good news is that I knew that even if I felt on some stretches that I had it and confident, I really didn’t have it at all and this helped me to don’t get on a big crash.
In order to progress on my skating and become a good skater, good instruction with many hours of practice will need to be required. The same will work for novice rowers, good instruction with many hours of practice too. I believe Rowing can be even harder than skating because the water moves when the ice doesn’t.

Learning to row properly is really hard and difficult and it takes a long time and is a very humbling experience for everyone. No matter how disappointed you are or how bad you feel on your learning process, just keep going because it is hard to do it well and it takes thousands of hours to master the rowing stroke.

If you have never rowed think about how it might feel to be on a boat on the water. Your feet are attached to the boat, the boat moves and balance is hard and you have in your hands oars that you don’t really know what to do with them. To that add bad water conditions, some rain, high winds and low temperatures!
Just a challenging sport!

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