Carlos Dinares Tip #322: ROWING WORKOUTS

You are a new rower that want to know what kind of rowing workouts are the best for you. You have been rowing for a while and feel you are not improving fast enough and are wondering if there is anything out there that can help you to get faster. You are a rower that feel that there is a better way to train for rowing.
You are just a rower that want new rowing workouts.
This is my opinion about rowing workouts:
Rowing is a very complex sport. In order to be a good rower you need to develop your body to the rowing stroke, wire the right coordination and on the process of that develop amazing fitness to sustain the powerful efficient rowing stroke at a high frequency over the duration of the race.
Said all that we know that good rowing workouts will target all those things listed above, not just fitness.
What this means? Well it means that if we target in all our workouts just fitness not having a real focus on the development of our body and coordination, our overall progress and speed will be diminished.
It Is important to understand that because here you have 5 key ingredients of ROWING WORKOUTS!

The key is to be able to define where you position yourself as a rower in a scale of 1 to 10 in these 5 key simple ingredients:

1) Body strength and coordinated power
2) Efficiency of the rowing stroke and technique overall
3)Aerobic capacity
4) Anaerobic capacity
5) Mental strength

After doing that you can start developing rowing workouts for yourself.
Why is this so important? Very clear.
Let’s put here an example:
If you get hired to work for a business you will need to be happy with how much they pay you every month for your work. You will look for health insurance, benefits and payed holidays. This is how we all get motivated to work.
Ok now let’s put that into our rowing workouts. We all know we have a very limited time to train. We have very little energy for rowing and we can almost don’t make it trough the day when we row at 5am.
Ok now let’s think that when we do a rowing workout and we don’t do the right one we are just giving up on a big chance to become a better rower. We are just not using well our time and energy to become the best rower we can be. It is like working and not being payed.
It can even get worst when on this process of not efficient training we are wiring the wrong rowing technique on our body. Those bad habits are hard to break and will make harder the process of re-learning the proper rowing stroke. We also can get injured because of the work not done properly.

It is amazing to me to see how many tennis players, golfers, cyclists, and many other athletes value good coaching and pay for it to become the best they can be. In rowing it is different, the majority of the good coaches are at the college level to be able to survive.

My advice for rowing workouts is:
a) If you don’t know how to row properly, fist learn to row. While you are improving your rowing skills you can work on your fitness doing other sports you are familiar with like running, biking, swimming,…
b) When you have developed some skills and improved your body awareness and body strengths you can start working some more fitness doing the rowing stroke.
c) Always have goals and testing weeks where you can compare progress and really see if you are improving.
d) Spend more time on the parts you are lower on the scale to put them up to average. What you are looking at is at a good performance overall. If you want to row fast you need to be good at the key points I mentioned above.

The last advice I have is quality over quantity and purposeful practice over just repetition without focus.
No matter what you do, just follow these 2 key points for rowing!

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