Carlos Dinares Tip #326: EXPERTS in ROWING WANT more FEEDBACK

Who are the EXPERTS in ROWING?
When I talk about EXPERTS in ROWING I talk about the rowers and coaches that don’t have enough with what they have. Those who are looking for better ways to develop rowing speed. Those who want to step out of the comfort zone and take risks to become the best they can be. Those who crave Immediate and constant feedback to what they are doing. Those who treat what they do like a science. They collect data, they analyze data, they create theories, and they test them.
Experts don’t fear extra work, extra problems and extra data to process. They want to do better and know it can be done better. They think outside of the box and believe in progress.

I believe that rowing is one of these sports that is going to change soon really fast with the help of the use of new data and instant feedback. Rowing coaches and rowers crave direct objective feedback. What it is direct objective feedback. For me DIRECT and OBJECTIVE feedback in rowing is a feedback delivered by a computer that is telling you every stroke, live, what you are exactly doing. It is the direct feedback of a computer software that tells you what is happening during your power application.
When we coach rowing we have to teach the rowing stroke to different bodies with different abilities and skills. These rowers need to learn to use their body the way they can move the boat the best they can for what they have. They need to learn to coordinate all the actions of the rowing stroke and see how they can impact the most the boat to make it go fast.

For me there are 3 EFFECTIVE WAYS how you can learn the feel of a good stroke:

1) By rowing on a TEAM boat with a better rower that feels the POWER APPLICATION and gives direct feedback after each stroke of what you are doing. He is your computer because he feels what you do and tells you.
2) With a system of power sensors on the oarlocks on the boat that gives you DIRECT FEEDBACK as you are rowing.
3) With a rowing machine that simulates the perfect dynamics of rowing and projects all the data of the power application on a computer.

I have not listed any of the methods that gives feedback to the rower post training because you don’t remember how those good strokes felt because you are not rowing as you are getting the feedback. The feedback is not direct as you are rowing. This can be video, speed coach memory, data downloaded from the boat post rowing,…
I have also not listed the feedback of the coach from the motorboat because the coach is not FEELING directly what is happening. He has not contact with the boat. On the 3 systems listed above, the rower, boat or rowing machine were feeling directly the power application, all 3 had direct CONTACT to the POWER APPLICATION.

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