Carlos Dinares Tip #329: ROWING ANSWERS from CAS REKERS

Cas Rekers original inventor of Rowperfect is testing in this video the Rowperfect3.

I had the chance to meet Cas Rekers in person few years ago. He opened his house and family to me and taught me the more amazing rowing lessons i know today! These are some the many answers Cas helped to answer in all those non stop conversations we had together before he passed away. Thank you for all your help Cas!

- Advantages of a long catch.
- Brain keeps memory in reserve in cellular pockets.
- Rowperfect3 strokes samples.
- Acceleration in rowing.
- Stroke length and the rowperfect3.
- Watts, Joules x stroke and Rowing.
- Foot stretcher Height.
- Learning to row.
- Effect of Moving the boat against the body during the drive and during the recovery.
- Power curves shapes- meaning- Boat class events and power curves-
- Back problems because of big blades and stationary rowing machines.
- KiloJoules and body weight.
- Timing at the catch.
- Rigging heavier or lighter, effect on the rowing timing and technique.
- Watts versus Joules x stroke.
- Working with the Rowperfect3 and mirrors.
- Connecting Rowperfect3 to build Team boats.
- Power, timing and Rhythm.
- Efficiency of the rowing stroke.
- Rowing timing on different events.
- Rowing on the 1x versus the rowperfect3.
- Coordination of the rowing stroke with the use of RP3.
- How to teach a rower to row with the use of Rowperfect3.
- Peak force position on the power curve.
- Rowers that have used the Rowperfect on their training on their advantage and how they have use it.
- Weight correction in the Rowperfect3 software.
- How the body develops a new movement. How many repetitions are required to wire a new movement.
- Instant feedback and the power of it.
- Floating feel. How to simulate that.
- Why it is important to row square blades.
- Propioception in rowing.

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