Carlos Dinares Tip #333: ROWING WORKOUTS for BUSY ROWERS

What do we want to get when we do rowing workouts?

- Get fit
- Lose weight.
- Row better.
- Row faster.
- Look better.
- Win more.
- Recover faster.
- Have more energy.
- Row longer.
- Have more boat control.
- Have more blade control.
- Be faster at the start.
- Sprint better.
- A faster race pace.
- Control at high rates.
- Be a boat mover…….

Ok we all want to be sure we can measure all those goals on an objective way so we can find out where we stand. We need a result, a score, a number that will prove where we stand on the ranking. It can be a race result, a race time, an erg time, an erg ranking. It is a NUMBER. IT IS a NUMBER against other numbers.

Ok if you are training and need to balance this training with school, work, family, kids, business trips …. you know that the time you have everyday for training is going to be limited and you are going to be missing many days because of several things that come up out of your control.

If you are one of those rowers here is a suggestion I have for you that should make some sense to you!

If you want to measure yourself against that score we were talking about on the water or on the erg you know that you will need to race against the time and will rank. The result of your time and the ranking is the REALITY of where you stand. You can line up all the excuses you want like:
- I had a bad start.
- We couldn’t row this last month because the lake was to windy
- The boat wasn’t rigged properly.
- My partner was rowing short.
- The umpire gave us wakes.
- Our lane had more current.
- Our lane had more wakes.
- I was injured when the Team did technique work.
- I missed the workouts with race pieces because of work
- I was sick when the Team was doing starts…..

But the reality is that you are at this moment what the result proves on the ranking and time.

Now let’s check what a race is:
- You race a distance and in that distance you need to row alone or with other rowers and you have a start and a sprint. If you race on a race course with lanes You should have a clear lane for you.

Ok now let’s think that you are racing a 1km race or 2km. The start, the race pace, length of stroke, boat control, power x stroke, connection to the water, matching the other crew members, the sprint, your fitness….all those and many more are going to play a big part of your result.

Ok we know that on race day you need to warm up, do a piece and perform. On that piece you need to put it all together and perform!

Instead of having a sequence of workouts that train the different parts of the body and rowing in different days do it all or as much as you can everyday or most of the days if you miss many practices because of your schedule or life. What do I mean with that:
Ok normally master rowers follow training programs from College programs, or National Team programs. These training programs are based on developing your body and rowing over blocks of days that are not supposed to be missed or not done properly. Those training programs are not fun because you do everyday the same thing over an over. It works for elite people because this is a good way to maximize your training effect over recovery but it is not a good system for regular people that train when they can.
Instead of doing monday easy steady state, tuesday long pieces, wednesday steady state, thursday shorter pieces…. why you don’t do something like this:

30 minutes steady state @ 18
1x 500 meters Max.
10′ rowing with pause and drills.
6 full starts of 15 strokes.
10′ rowing with more drills.
20 strokes Max pressure @ 16 x 5 with 10 strokes off.
1 x 1km with a full start then steady state and last 150 To max speed.

If you look at this In one workout you do a lot of what you need for race day! Why you cannot setup workouts where you do a little of everything instead of following a training program made for olympians that train 4 to 6 hours a day, don’t work and are very talented and eat and sleep as much as they need to.

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