Carlos Dinares Tip #338: GOOD ROWING Ratio and Rhythm

You can see in these 2 videos a M2- rowing on the water and on the Rowperfect. I think this Team is a good ROWING example of good ratio and rhythm. These are the things I want you to look carefully as you watch the 2 videos:

1- The ratio that is the relationship of the time spent on the drive versus the recovery.
2- How they use their time on the drive and on the recovery.
3- Change of direction at the catch and at the release.
4- Timing- How together they move- Look at blade entry,…
5- Look at the Blade feather- square rotation and height from water.

When you look at the video of the ROWPERFECT rowing look at the same things and see how different the ratio and Rhythm is from the water rowing video.

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