Carlos Dinares Tip #342: NEVER GIVE UP ROWING

Your can start your rowing experience any moment in life. When you do, the way you do it, with who, where and how you do it will have a huge influence on how long and how much and often you are going to do it. One of the more amazing things of our today’s era is the internet. Thanks to the internet now we all have access to more information. The internet opens opportunities for all of us to learn more to and coach ourselves if necessary. Instead of feeling sorry for your rowing because you don’t win races, don’t row well or don’t really know what to do, just get on the internet and learn more about rowing!

Rowing is one of the most amazing sports out there if not the best. When I was 21 years old I had a fatal accident where I almost died. I had coma for few days, lost my spleen and was told by the doctors: YOU CANNOT ROW FAST ANYMORE. A missing spleen and problems with my liver and other parts won’t allow my body to adapt to intensity and hard work anymore. That was what the doctors said at the time….Anyway I was 21 and I looked at myself and said:
“Carlos you LOVE ROWING. You are excited to row at the International level and you want to. These doctors are telling that you cannot go fast but they really don’t know what I can do! The Human BODY is too complex and I do LOVE ROWING above anything. Why I need to give up? Why I cannot do it? Let’s do it CARLOS!”

I decided to go for it in 1992 and 4 years later I was rowing at the World Rowing Championships! During those 4 years I went to many moments where i had doubt. At the time instead of feeling sorry for myself and GIVE UP I decided to fight and keep going because I was so in LOVE with ROWING and I have decided to DON’T GIVE UP!

It was hard, I was exhausted all the time. I didn’t win any big race, I didn’t go to the Olympics, but I got the 2 BIGGEST REWARDs one Athlete can get when he decides to move on from ROWING TO BE THE BEST I COULD BE AT THE TIME:

1) I felt a 100% happy with what I had accomplished because I did everything I could to be the best I could be at the moment and never had a regret or felt sorry for moving on at the time I did.
2) I was able to comeback later to the sport and row again because I DIDN’T BURN OUT at the time! I LOVE ROWING for the rest of my life and today I’m still rowing and loving it!

Here is a list of 10 reasons WHY ROWING IS AN AMAZING SPORT!

1) It is an outdoor sport that gives you the chance to enjoy the water and nature.
2) You can do it inside too!
3) You are seating.
4) It can be an individual or Team sport.
5) You move all your body and it is amazing ho fit you get by doing it.
6) It is a way to travel and meet many amazing people.
7) Is is a very difficult to row well and go fast, very challenging Sport!
a) You can do it all your life!
9) The feeling of flowing on the water and moving dancing with the boat is AMAZING!
10) You CAN NEVER SAY: “I can move on because I row PERFECT because it is IMPOSSIBLE TO BE PERFECT on all YOUR STROKES”

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