Carlos Dinares Tip #343: ROWING SKILLS

I want you to look at these 3 videos. Please do it!

It is important that you look carefully at what the body of these 3 persons can do after training their bodies properly!
I cannot stop telling people how much speed is not used by not developing more rowing technique, coordination of our body with the boat, blade work control, body control and just efficiency!
What human bodies can do is just amazing and rowers are not different. There is this idea everywhere that rowing is just about your C2 score, your ability to go hard and train hours but it is not just that! There is a huge amount of speed on developing the right coordinated power and efficient rowing!
You cannot change much your engine but you can wire a perfect rowing stroke on your body with good training and good repetition. Rowing a beautiful stroke doesn’t assure you to win races but I can assure you that if you row well you will have more fun, not injure yourself as much and if you work hard and have talents win a lot of races.
Here are the 3 videos that I want you to look at:

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