Carlos Dinares Tip #344: ROWING can be your FITNESS REVOLUTION

It doesn’t really matter what exactly you are looking for. Some want to lose weight, others to gain muscle, many to improve their health and improve overall performance and some just row fast. We all know that keeping healthy and away from injuries is the only way to keep consistent and develop fitness. The best way to be fit if you don’t have much time is by doing an activity that moves all your body, develops your muscles, keeps your aerobic an anaerobic systems working and can be done indoors if necessary!

Having a good job, great family or good friends is not enough! You need to be healthy and happy with yourself to enjoy all those great things! You need a healthy body to live a great life. Don’t let your body deteriorate and start rowing! The combination of rowing with a healthy diet and good sleep can be a real revolution on your life!

I can assure you that training well for rowing is going to give you that ultimate fitness that you are looking for.

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