Carlos Dinares Tip #347: The MAGIC ROWING FEEL

The interesting thing about rowing is that we, coaches and rowers are all the time trying to look for this perfect stroke changing our style, technique and stroke. I believe this is not the most efficient way to become fast. If you are rowing or coaching you need to understand the principles of rowing and how to move a boat. You need to know the different styles, rigging possibilities and body movements that you can perform to move a boat. Then you need to pick one style that feels good to you and gives you good speed. At this moment you are ready to improve fast because you are going to repeat over and over that stroke that is consistent and clear to you until you can repeat it again and again non stop during your long workouts and rows on the water.

There is nothing more confusing to a rower than changing coaches, styles, techniques, rigging and ideas of what he should do and how this should look.
The coach has to have a clear idea of what he wants his rowers to do. He needs to have a clear visual idea of the style and rowing he wants to teach.
If you can do one good stroke and understand what you need to do and have a clear visual idea on what it is, with good coaching and repetition eventually you will be able to repeat this stroke over an over non stop.
If your rowing style is changing depending on how you do, you are going to be confused and the training you do is not going to help you to wire that perfect stroke over consistent repetition.
If you know what you need to do and you can do it once and knows how it feels, then you can do it AGAIN! If you can repeat it and do it again then you can become good, is that simple.

How much speed your crew can lose over a race by not having all your crew members doing the same thing together?
How much speed your crew can lose over a race by not repeating all the strokes consistently perfect?
I believe you as a rower or coach can be faster by making your crew more consistent and good at what they do instead of changing all the time.
Just repeat what you do well and become perfect at that and don’t change it because of a bad race or some doubts and insecurity.

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