Carlos Dinares Tip #349: A powerful way of learning to ROW

The most powerful way of learning at anything is Instant feedback. What is instant feedback in rowing? Instant feedback in rowing for me is that after a rowing stroke you get a direct feedback of the quality of the stroke. With this feedback you make corrections and learn from the new feedback if these corrections have been efficient or not. Instant feedback builds learning confidence in self-directed practice.


I can see 7 ways you can get INSTANT FEEDBACK in ROWING:

1) Telemetric system on your boat oarlocks :
Measure oarlock force curves and angle. The principal component of these systems is a highly innovative way to measure the force and angle applied by the oar onto the pin.
The curves from the data enable a precise analysis of timing, force application and oar movement for each rower.

2) Another very good rower:
By rowing with a very good rower we can get feedback of what he is feeling and we can also feel directly how he applies power and moves the boat. This is a very powerful way of learning and very used from many National Teams all over the world. The veteran rowers with more experience teach and develop the younger rowers in the boat by letting them feel and giving them feedback of what they feel.

3) A good coach:
A good coach will give you instant feedback of what you are doing and will help you change on the right direction and with good instruction. A good coah is also a very powerful part of instant feedback. The coach can row with the rowers, cox or seat on a motorboat. From the motorboat he can see and feel what is going on in the boat. He can also get direct feedback of data coming from the boat to help him reinforce what he is observing.

4) Video Googles:
Those are googles that the rower gets and can see himself rowing live. The coach has a camera and videos him from the motorboat and the rower can see himself live with instant feedback.

5) Rowperfect3:
This is a dynamic rowing machine that gives direct feedback of the power application with power curves and plenty of data from the drive. This instant feedback helps you to learn to move your body the most efficiently and helps you to learn the feel of the good strokes.

6) Speed coach or GPS:
The speed coach or GPS gives you direct feedback of the speed of the boat. If you are working at a given rate and heart rate, you can get instant feedback of changes of speed of technical changes.

7) Another boat if it has a consistent speed:
If we are rowing next to another boat that as a consistent speed we can get instant feedback of changes of speed in relationship to the other boat.

Instant feedback builds learning confidence in self-directed practice. It is the most powerful way of learning.

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