Carlos Dinares Tip #350: Front end Rowing warm up

In these 2 videos you can see this 2x warming up the front end of the stroke on the square and on the feather. It is a really good video to watch. I want you to look at this:

1) Look at the body posture during the stroke cycle.
2) Look at the blade work.
3) Look at how clean the blade gets out of the water.
4) Look at how the boat moves around the connected blade.
5) Look at the level of the hands on drive and recovery.
6) Look at the catch approach, position and placement.
7) Look at what the shoulders, elbows and hands do on the drive and the recovery.
a) Look at the speed of the seat on the drive and the recovery/
9) Look at the head movements.
10) Look at the grip and how it changes on square, feather and drive and recovery.

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