Carlos Dinares Tip #351: Amazing ROWING DVD Video from MIKE SPRACKLEN: THOUGHTS ABOUT ROWING

Today I had the chance to see the new rowing DVD from Mike Spracklen and I really enjoyed it. I highly reccomend you to get it if you can. Mike Spracklen coaching experience is amazing. He has developed so many fast crews and has a very clear idea of the sport of rowing and how to coach rowers to win. I had the chance to spend sometime with him and his Team back in 2008 before the Olympics. I find the video and his instruction on it very open and clear and direct. He says many things that are very important and that many coaches ignore or don’t know.

You can google Mike Spracklen rowing DVD or buy it trough regatta sport. Kevin Light has done an amazing job with it and I’m so excited this DVD is a reality and the rowing community can benefit from it. I have also had the chance to meet personally some of the rowers from the DVD and get to know first hand from them their experience with Mike Spracklen. I have so much respect for him!
He is helping some good friends to achieve their dreams and that it is very exciting to me!

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