Carlos Dinares Tip #354: YOU CAN MASTER the ROWING STROKE

Rowing is my favorite sport. There is nothing better in the world then a good row on the water on a calm day. I don’t accept that who you are, how long you have been rowing or how you do it can stop you from seeing yourself one day doing it right, I believe YOU CAN MASTER THE ROWING STROKE.

“What if I told you that you are capable of creating a genius masterwork? Would you believe me? The truth is that any of us could create one if we just stick with it. Hardcore discipline is the key. Everyone seems to know this on a conceptual level but not enough people take action. Action needs to be embedded in the process at every step. Having action steps after every brainstorming session is the key. Doing more research, developing new ideas, and constantly reconnecting those ideas to your overall goals is an extraordinary way to achieve anything you want”-Matthew Syed-

If you want to enjoy rowing and master the ROWING STROKE, then do it! Just take action and stop doing more of the same that is not working for you.
Here is a list of 10 actions you can start NOW I give you to MASTER THE ROWING STROKE:

1) Look at good rowing videos so you have a clear visual idea of how GOOD ROWING MOVEMENT looks like! If you go to and go to Role Model Rowing at the top Tab you will have a list of good rowing videos for you to look at.
2) Believe you can do better and write a plan of action on a paper so you take responsability. Like have somebody video you and say in 8 weeks I will do the same video and I want to look better. Just have a direct GOAL!
3) Don’t row without thinking. Link your brain to what you are doing all the TIME! Don’t ROW ON AUTO-PILOT! Just connect brain to body parts and DO IT! Don’t be lazy and use your brain more as you row! You cannot change if you don’t take action of your movements!
4) Get good coaching to help you have a process or system so you can do the right things.

5) If you can, get a Rowperfect3 with the software, so you can repeat the correct movements on the land and take them to the water. Don’t use the land training just to get fit but to wire the proper rowing stroke on your body.
6) Quality is more important than quantity. Rowing is a complex sport and no by rowing more you are going to do it better if you don’t do it right. Just row quality strokes. Don’t REPEAT BAD ROWING!
7) Row with better rowers than you so you can learn from them if you have a chance.
a) Make your coach help you. Go to him and ask him what you can do. Remember if I was your coach and ask you to do something and you don’t and you come to me and ask me something else I will answer: First do what I ask you to do and after you do that come to ask for more. Many rowers DON”T LISTEN at what they DON”T like or at changes they need to do that are not GOOD FOR THEM! LOOK AT YOURSELF FIRST!
9) SLOW DOWN THE ROWING STROKE SO YOU CAN COUNT 10 seconds on the recovery and 5 seconds on the drive. YES 15 seconds strokes. “15 secons strokes, so in 1 minute you take 4 strokes!”
10) If you can and think it can be good for you, lose some weight so you can move your body better and get more length of stroke. LOOK AT YOURSELF and decide what is the best for you for what you want. It is about you, only you!

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