Carlos Dinares Tip #358: TOP TIP to IMPROVE your ROWING

What is the biggest advice I can give so you can improve your rowing?

Here it is!

If you do it you will improve a lot, Im a 100xcent sure that If you do what I ask you to do you will produce the biggest rowing gains you have ever got before. Just read and follow my tip and when you are able to do it, and you do it for a while, contact me and tell me how you feel.

First you need to find out where is your treshold zone of work. To be simple and clear I want you to row hard at open rate that you decide and look at the heart rate you can sustain for 40 minutes non stop. It needs to feel hard and uncomfortable but you need to be able to stay there for 40 minutes non stop. It doesn’t need to be a Max piece but it needs to be hard. Ok when you have this number you know at what heart rate number your engine is working hard for 40 minutes.
Ok Now you are ready to do the work the way I want you to!
This is what I want you to do:

I want you to get on a dynamic rowing ergometer and do this:
Row at 18-20 strokes a minute for 40 minutes and get your heart rate at the same number as you did before on the piece at open rate. If you can get to the heart rate zone at 18 is better than at 20. Yes just do that. I’m sure you cannot do it today and it will take you some training to get there. Just believe me, You will be able to get there by working hard on the drive day after day. Get the Drag factor up and start teaching your muscles to contract faster and harder so that you stress your engine at 18-20 strokes a minute. You will see that you need to work really hard on the drive because you have a lot of recovery from stroke to stroke. Remember what I said: IT WILL TAKE YOU FEW WEEKS TO GET THERE, Just keep doing it and keep fighting every stroke. The results you will get from working this way are going to be amazing!
Just remember the 2 principles that you need to follow so you can at rate 18-20 increase your heart rate:
1) Row very long strokes.
2) Row a very hard drive.

If you want to go fast on the water I want you to do this work if you can this way:

a) On a small boat on the water, if possible the 1x.
b) On a Rowperfect3 if you can so you can develop the correct rowing coordination.

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