Carlos Dinares Tip #360: ROWING with PASSION

Are you a passionate person? Do you row with Passion? Are you in love with Rowing? Do you dream about rowing well and learning to do it right? Are you excited everyday you get on the water? Are you a passionate person?
Well those are important questions if you want to succeed in rowing!
Strategy and execution are absolutely essential, but passion wins.

Passion wins because it’s the foundation upon which all other pillars are built.
Passion ignites plans, drives action, pursues, perseveres, overcomes and wins.Strategy and execution are absolutely essential. Passion is what makes it happen.

I’m a believer that dreamers and passionate people are the ones who really get the job done and are the ones that really succeed to be happy because they enjoy what they do and work as hard as necessary to reach their dreams.
When you have passion you find the way by yourself to get to achieve wat you want. You can learn it by yourrself and find the information online that is available. When you have passion nothing can stop you because you have this positive energy that helps you to keep going and going!
I believe that life is not easy for many of us and all these hard lessons we get to experience only help us to get stronger and more passionate for what we really love and desire.
If you want to row well and fast don’t let anybody to tell you you cannot do it. Just go for it and find a way that works for you so you can become the best you can be.
I admire passion and hard work. I admire determination and fight. I admire commitment and consistency. I admire everyone that want to work to get somewhere.
And if you are a coach you need to inspire your rowers with passion and love for the sport. You need to lead with example and teach them what it takes to be a champion of themselves by giving everything they have to be the best they can be. If you are a coach you are lucky because you have an amazing job to inspire people around you.
We all are passsionate about something. If you are about rowing keep it up because you are not the only one, we are many in this small world like you!

I had the chance to see this video and I can only admire what this kid has gone trough and what he has achieved by himself.

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