Carlos Dinares Tip #363: Experiment with your ROWING

Here is a very interesting video of a kid playing on his toy area for few hours. Look at the video and what he does. It is amazing to see how his brain works. What can you take from this video to your rowing?
These are the things I want you to do today when you row or erg:

1) Think about what you are doing. Take ownership of every action of your body.
2) Experience with your body the different parts of the stroke and feel.
3) Look at a good rowing video like the ones I have on my blog at the role model and row thinking about those movements.
4) Take 10 strokes really slow with a pause each stroke of at least 10 seconds at the release so you can think what you did and decide what you want to do on the next stroke.
5) Feel what you do on the drive by getting the drag higher or drop part of your crew to make it heavier or drag a boungee cord on the water or can.
6) Feel how you use your time on the recovery and what you do. Play with different speeds on the recovery and different ways to spend your time during your recovery time.

Check this video and see how we learn by experiencing things! Do the same thing! Start today!

I got the chance to find this video on the last Blog tip of Better Movement from Todd Hargrove.
Todd is a certified Feldenkrais Method movement instructor and a certified Rolfer (that’s a kind of bodywork). He lives in Seattle too and use to be a lawyer. Interesting!
Twenty years ago, He experienced some back pain and a strong desire to win squash matches, so he began studying (obsessively) about how to move better and with less pain. He got some great results, and now He is trying to share what he learned. Fascinating!
I can say that I did experienced something similar to him with my rowing and after that did some studying too and found ways to train better and use smarter my energy to have more fun and row faster. Rowperfect3 and this blog are the reason of that and I’m also trying to share what I learned with all of you! Also fascinating! I’m having so much fun!

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