Carlos Dinares Tip #364: You will ROW faster if you keep POSITIVE

Yes you are going to get faster if you keep positive. I believe this is a big true for coaches and rowers, for whole Rowing Teams at any level.
If you are a coach or a rower and you are always complaining and negative you are not going to go very fast. If you do you are not going to last very long and if you do you are not going to have a lot of fun in your life.

I’m a believer that you need to always look for the positives on your rowing and your training as a rower and coach.
Here are some examples:
I’ve been sick for 2 weeks and I comeback to practice and I feel I’m slow. Well there is nothing you can do at this moment. Just think what you can do better next time so you don’t get sick again. Things like washing your hands, cleaning the ergs, sleeping enough, … About your training you will get back in shape little by little. Just keep positive and understand that eventually you will be where you use to be.
If you are a coach and your Team is not doing well, just instead of blaming the rowers and your past choices try to ask for some advice. Also it works to be able to see what is happening to you and your Team from the outside. Try to look at the big picture and make smart choices the next time you can. Have a meeting with your Team and ask for feedback, at the end you are all part of the same Team and you all want to do well.
The brain is a very powerful tool and you want to keep it working in your favor and not against you.
If you are a coach or a rower and think that you will be happy forever when you win you are wrong. Winning doesn’t bring eternal happiness but satisfaction to a goal achieved. Happiness in rowing should be the feel of doing the best you can with what you have. Being happy should be the result of feeling that you are working on the direction you want and enjoying the process you are on. You cannot put your happiness on the line depending of your result. The reason is that you don’t have control of the result because you cannot control your rivals but can control yourself and how you do with yourself.
We are all trying to be happy and do everything we can to feel happy. It makes so much sense to do that.
If you keep positive you will be happier because you will enjoy more the journey you are on. You don’t want to work against yourself. Don’t let your feelings depend on how you do against others all the time.
I believe by nature we are never satisfied with our performance and often feel sad and stressed out because this is the way our brains are wired in our human bodies. I believe humans are wired to never have enough and keep pushing for more so this way the human race improve and the world we live on too.
I believe happiness is the reaction of the every day enjoyment of what we all do. Is learning to keep positive and embrace those challenges that life and rowing bring to us and keep going all the time.
So my goal after you read this blog tip is that you think about your rowing at this moment you are on. Think what you want to achieve and put it as a goal, dream and start enjoying the process to get there. Don’t let other people to make your path miserable, just take ownership of how you feel and work hard to get there if this is what you want. By keeping positive and enjoying your training you will get a better result and feel happier and better with yourself.

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