Carlos Dinares Tip #367: GOOD RELEASE in ROWING

Carlos, do you have a specific video or video’s of good releases? I am getting away from doing too much square blade release and trying more 1/4 & 1/2 feather at the release. My guys seem to set the boat up quite well when we row square blade release or recovery, but as soon as we go to full feather, they can’t hold the set as well. Quite a few of the guys in V & 2V will flick water at the release, which I think throws the set off and slows the run of the shell. I was trying to get them to accelerate around the release & gradually feather as they release as well. I was trying to get them to make the handle move at the same speed as the shell, so that if they are doing the 1/4 or 1/2 feather AT the release, the blade comes out smoothly & easily, with very little effort on the rowers part.
I want to make sure that I am not giving the guys bad info, and just trying to make the release look good. I think that if they do this well, the boat should run better and therefore be faster.

First let’s look at this video of good rowing:

I like to look at this boat that is the 1x because it is the boat where you are alone and you know if you do it right or not. Nobody can affect your balance or release or set. When you can do it alone then you are ready to go to a different challenge that is to row with more people on your boat. Yes if you do it right but somebody is doing it wrong, the boat will lose balance or won’t be set and you won’t be able to row as well as you want to. This is why it is so important to learn first to do it well by yourself and then move to Team boats. If you cannot do that then you can do it in a pair rowing circles, on a Team boat dropping people or on a Rowperfect3 where the timing and change of direction and coordinated drive is the same as the one you get on a boat.

1) In order to have a good release you first need to have a good catch and a good coordinated drive. What I mean with that is that in order to have a release and good change of direction you need to be able at the release to have still pressure in front of the blade and pressure on your feet against the footstretcher.
2) When you have pressure on the blade at the release then you are able to change direction against the footstretcher connected to the boat and have a clean extraction. For that you need to do it right and have enough blade work skill to manage to get the blade right and feather. To learn that you can slow things down with a boungee or dropping people.

The answer is that a good set boat and a good release has NOTHING TO DO WITH:
- with the speed of the hands away as long as all your rowers on the boat do the same.
- with the moment they decide to feather as long as they do it when the blade is out of the water and all on the boat do the same.
- with the speed of the shell.
- with the speed of the seat moving to the stern.
- with the swing of their body.
- with the level of their hands as long as they don’t touch water.
and many others…

The key to have a good release is:
1) to have a good coordinated drive.
2) good extraction of the blade from the water. If you have pressure in front of the blade and footstretcher this is easy if you time it right with your change of direction.
3) Doing it all the rowers of your crew together.

In order to improve that this is what i reccomend you to do:
1) Make them learn to have a good coordinated drive so they have pressure in front of the blade at the release.
2) Teach them to time corrrectly to extract the blade and change direction.
3) Teach them to feel all that very slowly.

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