Carlos Dinares Tip #369: Fake ROWING MOTION

Look at this picture:

What we see is a red lobster. We think about a red lobster but really it is not a red lobster. It is just an imitation of a red lobster. If we eat it we cannot taste it because it is a carrot. Our brain says RED LOBSTER but the reality is CARROT!!
If you look at this next picture you can really see a REAL RED LOBSTER! If you eat it, touch it or smell it, it tastes, feels and smells like a REAL REAL LOBSTER!

OK now let’s take that into rowing and see how we have gone the wrong direction eating, smelling and feeling CARROT instead of REAL RED LOBSTER for a long time and it is time for all of us to say:
WE WANT REAL RED LOBSTER! We are ready for it!

For sure any rowing simulation on the land is not going to be the same as doing it on the water but we do know that the rowing motion is DYNAMIC and NOT STATIONARY! We also know that it is a lot safer for our body to row on a DYNAMIC MOTION!

Rowing STATIONARY is like eating CARROT and it is not RIGHT if we want RED LOBSTER!
ROWING DYNAMIC is the real feel and motion of our ROWING SPORT!

There are plenty of DYNAMIC ROWING MACHINES available for you to use, just say NO to STATIONARY ROWING!

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