Carlos Dinares Tip #374: ROWING connection HAND to FEET

Good feedback from a rower training with RP3:

On top of my Personal Record 2km I wanted to give you some feed back of how I think the RP3 helped me and how it feels. After doing a few 5km pieces at an 18 stoke I have been able to built a lot of strength in my legs. The machine has a lot of emphasis on the leg drive. On the RP3 I can really feel the hand to feet connection at the front end and have been able to transfer it to the 8+ and stationary erg. Before the RP3 I was not able to get the sensation of hand to feet connection in the 8+ or the stationary erg. The most interesting thing now is that I can completely feel the hand to feet connection on the stationary erg. Also, our team moved into training at higher rates on the water, 35spm to 42spm. At these high rates I can still feel the hand to feet connection and I can feel the hang at the catch which I was not able to feel before the machine. For what training I have done the past month I think the RP3 has help me learn and feel everything about the rowing stroke.

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