Carlos Dinares Tip #378: Heels connected on the ROWING DRIVE

I was encouraged to erg so that I could learn to utilized my powerful legs. First I sat on the RP3 just playing, experimenting with my movement and how it felt and how the numbers changed.

The next day, my first day on the water at Lake Samish I was preoccupied with why knowing that my heels were not connected on the drive. I had attempted to fix this with many changes on the boat, raising the seat, angles of the foot stretcher, bat logic, perseverating on a solution. I asked Carlos why are my feet not connected?

In the background I knew that my feet were definitely connected on the RP3. The gift Carlos gave me was my posture. He helped move my body forward like a duck. While stopping the boat at the finish, still connected to the water, I could use my feet to connect to my hands applying pressure on the oarlock and stayed connected to the water. It affirmed my feeling of connection with the foot stretcher yesterday when first playing on the RP3. On the first day, I was free of this concern and able to move on….

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