Carlos Dinares Tip #379: DYNAMIC ROWING on the LAND

Good Dynamic Rowing on the land

Dynamic Erg Ropwerfect3

In these videos you can see good dynamic rowing executed on the land. My theory is that if you reproduce the same movement on the land as on the water you will get faster. The movement of the body parts and the way the body gets the load and increases the speed of this load are the key elements. On the water you move on a way and accelerate trough the blade the boat speed. On the Rowing machine you row on another way that needs to be as close as the one on the water and accelerate the flywheel that simulates the blade pushing the boat anchored on the water.

You can see the way the rowers move and also how connected they are on the drive. The recovery part is fluid and easy, the machine comes to them as the boat comes to you on the water.
You can hear the acceleration of the flywheel.
Those videos are done at low rate (16 to 20) and race pace (36 to 40).

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