Carlos Dinares Tip #383: The JOY of ROWING for Carlos Dinares

I love rowing and everything that comes with it. I love rowing myself, I love coaching rowing, I love talking about rowing, I love feeling rowing, I love looking at rowing, I love listening at rowing, I love rowing races, I love everything about rowing.

The idea of this blog post is to share that love and passion I have with many of you that have it too and talk about what has made me to get to where I’m at.

These are some of the reasons I love rowing:

- I love water and everything that is around water. Rowing on the water is so inspiring for me.
- I love the freedom of rowing in the middle of a body of water where society is not as active as on the land.
- I love that the public and supporters are away and you get to do it on your own. People are not yelling at you.
- I love how quiet rowing is. Rowing has a very unique an amazing sound (I love rowing my 1x listening at it and don’t enjoy coaching motorboats around me) I love my quiet space.
- I love how all y body is involve on the rowing stroke. I enjoy using all my body parts.
- I’m so amazed by the complexity of the rowing stroke and how difficult is to coordinate the body movements with the blade work and the boat.
- I love the gliding of the boat on the water.

- I love how dynamic and continuous the rowing movement is.
- I love how there is a work part on the drive and a recovery part. The combination of both is so powerful to me.
- I love how the body of a rower that develops on the water rowing looks like. I love fit, lean bodies that develop doing the good rowing stroke.
- I love how passionate are all the rowers about rowing and how everyone has dreams to row well and find that flow and ultimate glide to enjoy rowing to its full capacity.
- I love how hard is the sport and how much sacrifice comes with it that help us to develop strength and courage on ourselves.
- I love working hard and see progress on my rowing and my gliding.

- I love how much focus and concentration is necessary all the time to do it right. I love that it never gets easy.
- I love that there is no one only way to do it right. I love that there are different coaching styles and ways to do it.
- I love that no matter where you are from, what language you speak and how older you are, male or female, we all look for the same, gliding and flowing on the water with the most efficient and economic rowing we can produce.
- I love how consistent you need to be to become a good rower and keep the skill and the fitness.

I never talked about these next topics and have nothing to do with my love and passion for rowing.

- Winning races.
- Numbers and erg scores.
- Pain, yelling and noise.
- Rankings and Selection

The reason is that i don’t really think those things have anything to do with what I understand is really rowing.

Rowing for me is about enjoying the sport of rowing.
Having goals and achieving them is important but has nothing to do with my love for the sport of rowing.
Everyone of us has a life, a family and obligations.
Many of us train to enjoy rowing and like to race to see how we do with the effort we have put on.
Why should I feel bad or love less the sport of rowing if I don’t win a race because I need to work when others that are racing me have more resources or time to train?
Why should I feel bad if I cannot win because I’m not as gifted as others or cannot train that much? Doesn’t make any sense to me.
But going further Why should I feel bad if I cannot produce the numbers my coach wants on the rowing machine when I can go fast on the water?
Why do I need to don’t love rowing because they force me to row on a rowing machine and produce target numbers?
It doesn’t make any sense to me.

Rowing for me is about going the fastest you can on the water and the erg is a tool that help us to get some fitness on the side. Why should I feel bad about numbers then? Numbers are just there to tell me where I’m and to help me to target some fitness progress that not necessarily will reflect on water speed.
I don’t like to talk about pain but hard work and consistent training. To love rowing and row you don’t need to work hard. To win races you need to and this is your personal choice. Rowing has nothing to do with races results. There is plenty of bad rowing winning races. I think rowing well is beyond any racing result. Is the ultimate pleasure of combining the body, boat and oar to perfection. It is the pleasure of gliding and flowing.
I don’t think ranking and charts are rowing as racing results. You decide if you want to race, if you want to be on a ranking but this is not the sport of rowing this is your choice. If you don’t feel comfortable being on them or those are making you move away from the sport stop them and just remove yourself from them. Rowing is not that.

If you love rowing don’t let anybody tell you that you are not good for rowing. Rowing is a choice we all have and if you love it, just do it where you can do it the way you want.

Rowing is not racing or winning or ranking. Rowing is above that.

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