Carlos Dinares Tip #385: Is the QUALITY of your ROWING that COUNTS

“Rowing is more meaningful to us when is done with purpose”
“It is the quality of your rowing that counts and not the number of years and miles that you do or have done”
“When you accept that rowing is a gift you have, you will understand how precious each chance you have to row is and you will learn to enjoy it even more”

If you love rowing and are looking to get better and enjoy it more, you can. The first thing you need to know is that everyone with good coaching and good practice gets better. Good repetition with good coaching makes you better.
There is no excuse. Your body changes with good training and your motor skills improve with good repetition.
In order to row well you need to practice a lot and give up other things. Rowing well takes a lot of time and energy so I think you should find a way with the time and energy you are devoting to, to get the most of it so you are happy with your progress and performance.

Why I think it is important to row well?
I think if you row well you get the chance to really feel rowing and understand the sport of rowing. You can love and enjoy rowing just rowing, but you can enjoy it more doing it right. I’m a big believer that rowing well keeps you away from injuries and gives you the chance to fully feel and enjoy the flow and gliding that this sport has to offer. Efficiency comes over practice and gives you the chance to row well and move fast with little work. Doing that well is not easy but it is so amazing! Rowing well is very satisfying.

If you are young remember that you will get older and very busy. You will eventually get too busy to row and all the rowing you are doing now will be a gift you had that you will eventually miss so much. Work, family, health…. Rowing is not something you can take for granted. if you are rowing you are lucky. Any day your life can change and what for you now is normal, in the near future can be a past gift you had that didn’t appreciate to its full capacity and took for granted. So enjoy it more, now living the moment and try to take ownership of every single stroke and every experience you have as it was your last one.

When I see people rowing and not having fun, just doing it to burn calories or win a race i do feel sad. I feel like: these rowers are missing the point here, they can burn calories doing it right so why they don’t learn better the sport?
For me is like when you see somebody eat good food without enjoy it, just to get the energy that comes with it…

Rowing is a sport that gives you the chance to learn about your body and yourself while enjoying nature.
Rowing is a really challenging sport. It requires lots of purposeful practice.

To row well you need to be healthy and fit so you can move yourself with skill on the boat.
When you row you are learning and by repeating what you do you are developing what will be your rowing stroke.

So row with purpose, take care of the details, connect your brain with your movements, enjoy every single stroke and be sure you are thankful for being able to row!

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